Are Electric Scooters Legal in Toronto?

In short no, they have never been legal to ride from the start.

On May 5th/2021, Toronto City Council voted to continue the current ban e-scooters. Ontario had an E-Scooter Pilot Project, but this is no longer in effect unfortunately.

What does this mean for you?

When you ride any E-Scooter or Micromobility product bought/ rented from Ride One Inc. or other retailers in Toronto, you are technically breaking the law. We cannot guarantee you will not get a ticket.

With that said, scooters are still being bought and riders are growing everyday. For the most part the vote against E-scooters was to prevent larger scooter share companies from flooding the streets without proper safety measures in place.

Our recommendation, if you choose to ride, is to follow the provincial e-scooter pilot program guidelines.

Ontario’s E-Scooter Pilot Project

In 2019, Ontario launched an e-scooter pilot program.  Cities like Mississauga, Ottawa and Windsor have all adopted ride-share programs and privately-owned e-scooters on their streets.

The Pilot’s primary guidance is to:

  • Keep Speed to a maximum of 24 km/h
  • Wear a helmet
  • Ride like a bicycle (all HTA rules of the road that apply to bicycles apply to escooters)
  • Use a front white light, rear red light and reflective side materials
  • Use a horn or bell

The full guidelines can be read here.

All Ninebot Kickscooters that are rented/sold by Ride One Inc. have built-in lights and bells that adhere to HTA rules.

Thank you for reading. Now that you are informed you can make a decision that best suits your comfort level. If you wish to proceed with a rental please follow this link below.