Corporate Events

Work party! Escape the office and have some fun. We can accommodate large groups. Contact us to make arrangements.


Birthday boy/girl rides free! For groups over 10+ people please email us for special arrangements

Special Events

Once a month we host a special themed event. Join our mailing list to receive notifications and invites.

Upcoming June Events:

Bookable Online

Let’s celebrate pride month together and make new friends! This special event is an opportunity to meet new people and potentially find a partner that you match with. We will start the event off with food and beverages and a quick icebreaker moment to introduce everyone. After that we will head out and follow the Ride One guides on the scooters to visit the beautiful Trillium park that follows the bike path on the waterfront. At the park we will take a break and take another opportunity to have (5 min) rotating 1 on 1 rounds to get to know each other. After the rounds we will wrap up with a quick game and dish out some prizes for the winners. Once the games and prizes are handed out we will all head back together to return the scooters to the Ride One shop location.

Limited availability: Only a few spots left