how to ride in 60 seconds:

Don’t get discouraged if your not a pro right off the bat. While this video makes it look easy it will be awkward at first. Give yourself a break and take it easy on yourself. You are using new muscles and it will take a bit of time. Don’t give up and give yourself a proper 10 mins to start feeling comfortable. By the end of the day it will be smooth sailing and you will want more. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

How to ride a Pint:

Riding a PINT is very similar to the XR. One of the main noticable differences is the simple stop feature. This simple stop feature can be turned off through the app. 

How to get the onewheel app:

Downloading the Onewheel app is highly recommended. Get realtime updates on your battery life, customize your board settings and much more.

How to turn power on:

As simple as this sounds Onewheels can be a bit finicky. Placing the board flat on the ground and then turning is important. Turning on while the board is upright may cause the sensors in the board to not activate properly resulting in a failed attempt to balance and take off. You may be confused because it shows that the board is still on. If this happens it’s ok. You just need to place the board flat on the ground, turn off and then turn back on again with the board reaming flat on the ground.  Anyways… weird right?Well this is why I am sure they made a whole video for it. 

Finding your stance:

What is Pushback?

One of the main causes for a nosedive is over-confidence. People catch on very quickly but tend to push the board beyond its limits. Take time to get to know the board, when you start to feel pushback slow down. When you start to speed wobble, slow down. When in doubt slow down. Even seasoned veterans can easily forget to respect the boards limits.